Upcoming webinar: Give AdHoc Query Powers to Your ASP.NET Grid Users

Mehul and I will present a really cool webinar on one of our new WebForms controls, the ASPxQueryBuilder. Though this control is in beta, it offers a really nice way to your end users to visually create all kinds of difficult sql-based queries on the datastore(s) made available to them. We will start by showing how the control...

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HTML5 Chart and Data Visualization Widgets - Enhancements

Our upcoming release includes a number of important enhancements/features to our HTML5 data visualization widgets - making them faster and more flexible than ever before. We've been hard at work tuning performance and HTML5 Chart rendering has been improved significantly...In some instances up to 3 times faster. With this rele...

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HTML5 Form Layout Widget

New major version will ship with a great new addition to our HTML5 / JavaScript widget collection - dxForm. As I'll explain in a moment, this client-side widget was designed to simplify how you create and layout forms. You may be asking how easy is it to use...The answer is extremely easy. The following screenshot represents a...

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